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Freebooks app

Excellent for English language books. Easy to use, with choice of font size, screen brightness, bookmarks etc ...

Not really free

For free you get to see what they offer but then you have to pay to access and give your email. No thanks.

Reasonable range, easy reader

Extensive range of books - all classics, not much up to date. Reader works well.

Free Books

Quite a good range of free out of copy write books. They have some that I could not find on other apps. Graphics of the app are good too!

Easy to use

But limited selection of books


Bcp de parution disponible, a lot of essential reading tumbs up for that app.

Awesome app

works great with good amounts of books available


I have always wanted to read this and never got round to it, thank you, Robinson Crusoe next.

User friendly

Great to use, well organized titles, its the book reading app I use the most.

Amazing books

Fantastic range of books available.

Woman in white

Excellent choice of books. An application easy to use. I would only love some titles a little more recent.

Anna Karenina

Enjoyed reading. Looking to read others.

Great app

Easy to use, great choice of FREE books


Easy to use loads of books to choose from. Looking forward to a lot of good reads :)

Free app is just nice!

Does the job!

Very good

Very good

Very good

Use it a lot. Very good.


Very good.

Excellent app

Enourmous amount of very interesting titles.


Anyone who likes to read will be rendered speechless by this app. It has an extensive collection of classics in the full glory of their complete versions, from Poes poems and Charles Dickenss stories up to much more inusitated pieces, such as the Comunist Manifesto. The books are organized by author and genre, so it is very easy to locate one youre fond of. The visuals are quite impressive as well, and one can change configurations (font, for example) to ones like. I highly recommend it.

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