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Doesnt work anymore

All books I was reading are gone. I cannot get this to display any books at all now. Still has no search, no hyperlinks in TOCs or indexes, no illustrations, some typos.

A Bloody Mess

I already paid to have ads removed and to have access to audio books, but now Im not getting either of these. Am I supposed to pay AGAIN for something Ive already paid for? And to top it off, I get directed to pornography when I try to access the FAQs. Fix this!!

App Hacked!!!

Hoping this helps but when you select support/ FAQ youre redirected to porn site. Same with pressing App Support for the app in the app store. I tried to go there to send notification to no avail-so I am writing this review. Good Luck.


Previous version was perfect !!!! This one is no good !

a lot of free book... but with the upgrade....

in the old version you can read the book while listening to it... now when you open the text book, the audio stops.... please, fix it! I absolutely loved this app, but now, for who is using it to learn a language, isnt more useful than other (completely free) apps on the web. fix it and for me its a five star!

So disappointed!

I have loved this app for a long time! Books were user friendly and easy to find. However, just like so many others...after the update, I cannot open the app! Please fix this bug soon! Would like to give another 5 star review!


TERRIBLE. Difficult to navigate. Where are my bookmarks? Does NOT open to where I left off reading. How can I restore earlier version?

Is this even a real app?!

Nearly all the books lack any sort of description at all. It says its unavailable at the moment but its something "we are working on." How hard are they working on it?! This app has been around long enough, and so I find it slightly troubling that they are still "working on" something so basic as the descriptions for the majority of the books. But the thing I find most troubling is that when I click on the tab for "SUPPORT/FAQ" it takes me to an in app web page that immediately has a pop up of a picture of a naked women laying spread eagle with the name of a porno hotline covering up the bare minimum of her unmentionables that apparently, according to the spread eagle woman in the ad, has several "hot and ready" woman on hand who want to chat with me. I am completely annoyed, how am I getting soft core porn pop ups in the FAQ section of an app for free classic literature?! My first impression was that this app was a total scam to get my email info but judging from the 21k plus 4 star reviews for the previous version prior to the last updates, I can see thats not the case. So what gives?

Works great except for updates

New version is not good. Lost a lot of my library. Cant tell how long a book is anymore. (No page numbers) No bookmarks. Im assuming they will fix these issues since their ratings went to the toilet. Also when I clicked on support it sent me to a porn site. For real.

Books, books, books

App frozen on opening page. Cannot use it and cannot finish my book.

Worst app update ever

After updating to the current version of Free Books the app is unrecognizable! My library, which had at least a dozen books in it, was wiped out ... gone. The search function rarely works now, and the audiobook popup ads are unbearable. Even the look and feel of the classic books was degraded. You guys took a solid, decent app and literally destroyed it. Why??

The book I was in the middle of reading is no longer there. Its not showing up when I search for it. There were several books by the author I was looking forward to reading, but now only two are offered. Im very disappointed and will be deleting this app.


Was great, awful after update. I used this app a lot, had 20 books in my library & was reading 3 at the time of the update. Now When I open the app it goes to the "Featured" page and freezes. Cant browse, open my Library, or Search. No longer works. Very disappointed.

Terrible ... Simply Terrible

Why they changed this App and dared to call it an Update is a mystery. There is no way to bookmark a page. It is more difficult to find books to add to your library. You cant organize the books in your library. When the App crashes you will need to painstakingly start over and rebuild your library. A total waste of time.

Hate update!

It was so good before they updated it.

New Update

Not crazy about it. Now I have to go through three screens to get back to my story. I also had to reload all of the books I was reading. I do still like the fact that I have so many books to read from my phone.

great but needs some adjustments

I dont know why but I cant listen to an audiobook and at the same time be on another app which Id do before . Moreover when I leave an audiobook at 5 mn lets say and then I come back to the app it starts all over again. And now the surfaces is frozen when Im on wifi ,cant do anything.

Free books

I had your app before and it was great. Now that it has changed it does not even respond sometimes and I can not find my books, the ones I so carefully chose to read. Thanks a lot.

Needs to fix the bugs

Loved the app, but some design changes would be nice. So, I was very excited when saw that you did update it, but app wouldnt even open at all. Glitches every time


I originally said this was a great app & Ive seen the other reviews that say this is a great app. I wont disagree-it probably is still a good app IF you have a newer device, but after a number of upgrades the app still wont open. I would hate to say the developers and testers didnt make the app backwards compatibility on purpose, but thats what seems to have happened. Sad & SHAME ON YOU! I will delete this app to look for an app that values its loyal followers!

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